Devin Fuller

Devin has been part of the service team since 2014. He stepped into the Music Coordinator role in 2019 and also assists on the Surge team. He is a Worship Leader as well as one of our main musicians. He loves good coffee and good music. He attends TCC and is pursuing a degree in education.

Pastor Paul and Jennifer Fuller

Paul Fuller became Pastor of the Pentecostals of West Tulsa in February 2014. His wife Jennifer serves as the church administrator, ladies ministries leader and is very active in the music ministry. Their three children, Devin, Braden and Allison, work along side them in various ministries of the church.

Jim and Rhonda Evans

Jim and Rhonda have served on our ministry team since 2016. Jim serves as our Head Usher and is a church board member. Rhonda serves with excellence as our Hospitality Team Leader. They have three children and three grandchildren.

Rusty and Brooke Carr

Rusty and Brooke joined our leadership team in 2015. They currently serve as our Family Ministries Coordinators. Rusty is also our Men's Leader as well as the lead teacher in the Li'l Sparks Toddler class and part of the security team. Brooke helps out in many areas from Sunday School to media. They are both part of the music team. They have two children, Luke and Annie.
Kevin Day

Kevin has served in POWT ministry since 2014. He currently serves as our church Secretary/Treasurer. He is involved in many areas of ministry and is a key member of our music team.

In 2014, Pastor Paul Fuller had a vision to develop people, who would then impact the Kingdom of God in various ministries. At the POWT we are thankful for many dedicated people who volunteer countless hours to serve others. Our team is top notch and we would like to introduce them to you.

Christine Welden

Christine has helped in children's ministries and other areas of our church for several years. She has served as our Sunday School Director since 2019 and is also a member of our worship team. An accomplished musician, Christine is a music teacher and professor at ORU.


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Rev. Jason and Kaitlyn Hart

Jason and Kaitlyn joined the POWT ministry team in September 2018 and assist and serve in many ministry capacities. Jason serves as the Media Coordinator and assists with the planning and administration of church events. Kaitlyn serves as our Children's Ministries Coordinator and is also a Worship Leader. Jason and Kaitlyn have two children, Boyd and Saylem.

Briana Lore

Briana serves as our SURGE Student Ministries Leader and is our Prayer Coordinator. She is passionate about prayer and young people. Briana also serves in many different areas including media and the worship team.